A little bit about Rees Valley Station

Rees Valley Station is an 47,000 Acre, High Country sheep and cattle station in the Lakes District of Otago, located near the township of Glenorchy at the Head of Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand.


The current owners are the Scott family who first purchased the property in 1905.  Kate, Diane and Eric are the fourth generation of the family to live on the property and their mother Iris is a well-known long term Glenorchy resident, veterinarian and subject of the 2012 book High Country Woman: My Life on Rees Valley Station.

The station runs approximately 5,000 merino sheep with an average micron of around 17.5 and 200 Hereford beef cattle.  During much of the year many of these animals will be scattered across the western slopes of the Richardson Ranges in the upper reaches of the Rees River on the true left (eastern) side of the catchment.

Steph of Rees Valley Station is the long term partner of Eric Scott, who is the resident florist of Orange Blossom Designs, who thought it would be nice to share the farm with some of her brides she works with in the the wedding industry. Steph is known as 'the farmer/florist', who loves both floral art and the high country, and would love to combine the two.

A special thanks to some of Steph's favourite photographers who have shared their amazing images with her to create this site are

~Chase Wild Photos~

~Kate Roberge Photography~

~Ana Galloway Photography~

~Susan Miller Photography~

Rees Valley is a location hire only, we do not provide any facilities (toilets, shelter, ect) We can provide you with information of those who can supply any equipment needed for any upcoming events.

Florist work by Orange Blossom Designs only.


~Rees Valley is a privately owned station, and is not allowed to be used by the public without permission~

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